When Hope Seems to Be Distant

Oh the things unspoken regarding the cost of success. Whether it’s success in business, marriage, parenting, or a relationship, there’s a process that must be endured to receive the abundant overflow we so desperately desire. Sometimes going through circumstances and situations, we may feel like our hand is forced and our capacity to make good decisions is limited. Have you ever felt that God wanted you to do something…no, you were CERTAIN that He wanted you to do it, but things didn’t turn out the way you expected? As a matter of fact, they begin to spiral out of control…out of YOUR control. May I offer that when things spiral out of YOUR control, it’s normally an indication that God wants TOTAL control?


You see, “hope deferred is what makes the heart sick…” Proverbs 13:12a. In other words, a hope deferred or hindered afflicts the heart. When you begin to feel there is no hope, it hurts—it’s painful. It can be overwhelming to feel like you will never get where you need to be and no one understands. Well, I do.


At the worst moments in my life, I’ve had to make some very hard, yet intentional decisions—destiny decisions. I could never afford to look at my current, temporary circumstance or situation and make a decision that would compromise the hope of my future. I’ve been in dark places, wondering how in the world I would make it. I’ve felt the walls closing in. I have felt alone even with the room full of people. Then, I started to do something different. I began to be grateful for the things that some would call small. Slowly, the dark place didn’t seem so dark and the walls began to open up. Everyday that I woke up, I began to realize that because there was still breath in my body, I had and still have purpose.


Today I encourage you to live!  If you’re reading this, there is STILL hope!  Make a decision to be grateful, even if only for the “little things.”  When you do this, you will begin to see your life turn around and the remainder of Proverbs 13:12 realized, “…but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” Hope is closer than you think. It’s at the threshold of your thankfulness.



Kashonna Holland is a Speaker, Life Coach and Writer. With contagious energy, a vibrant smile, and straightforward message, Kashonna passionately and purposefully journeys alongside women from the point of breaking through the process of breakthrough – personally, professionally, and spiritually.


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