The Situation Isn’t Getting Any Better!


Have you ever felt like instead of a situation getting better, it’s getting progressively worse?  You’ve done all you can to ensure there are no casualties, that your position is understood and people know where you’re coming from; you’ve been cooperative and even compromised your standards just for the sake of peace. Can I tell you that situations are never promised to get better?  What changes a situation is your perspective, a shift in mindset.


Imagine taking someone who has been working a minimum wage job for years and moving them into a position that pays $50,000 more per month. Sounds good, right?  Well, unless you can shift that person’s mindset from a minimum wage mindset (i.e. the way they handle business transactions, the way they handle customers, the way they look at themselves) to that of an executive level mindset, they will bring that same minimum wage mentality to that position with them.  You see, the situation changed, but the person didn’t.


Too many times I am hearing and coaching people thinking, “Only if my situation changed, I’d be good.” I am then forced to tell them the truth, “Only if your situation changed, you would find yourself right back here in 3 months.”  It doesn’t take long to get back to where you were when you’re not willing to leave (mentally). Your future has got to be worth more to you than anything in your past.  I’m convinced that this mentality is why broke people stay broke, spouses cheat, and character and integrity is compromised.


Stop fooling yourself with the sentence that is only a myth, “If only had ______ my life would be so much better!”  Think about where you are in your life and I suggest, “I am willing to change ________, so that I can experience the fullness of ___________.” Remember, it starts with you!


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