The Power of Being Present

Hi. My name is Kashonna Holland and I am a multi-tasker. Sometimes I think I really need to attend a group to get some help! Yes, I must confess that although multi-tasking seems like a wonderful thing and is often praised by many, it is not as glamorous as it seems. You see, multi-tasking can sometimes overflow into other parts of your life where it shouldn’t. For example, you’re having an important conversation with someone and you’re thinking, “Did I pick up the dry cleaning?” or “OMG! I forgot to take the chicken out of the oven!” It’s those distractive thoughts that stop us from being present and engaging in deep, relational conversation. When we make a decision that we’re going to be 100% here, we have then allowed ourselves to experience the beauty of true relationship.    


This idea of being present is something that goes against the grain of culture. Our culture tells us that we should be able to do 50 things at one time and be successful in all 50. The fact that I can talk on my phone, text someone else, and google the location of a store all at the same time, shows that we are not training ourselves to be focused and be present. We have to be intentional about the things that we choose to multi-task. For instance, it is important to know how to multi-task when your children are doing homework and you have to cook and clean your home for an evening event. It is also important to be intentional about hearing what your child is saying they need help with. So, do I tell my child to wait until after I’m done so I can focus and be present or do I just shake my head in agreement when they ask does 5+5=11 as I run through the house on skates? All of us are guilty at some level or the other, but I think it’s time to take notice because we are wearing ourselves thin and nobody knows that we’re on the brink of breakdown.


When you allow yourself to be present, you hear and think clearly, and you are able to care properly and be fully engaged. Don’t miss the opportunity to have true relationship and communication. Most of the issues that we have around communication are because we don’t make time to be present and talk them through. When something or someone is important to you, it (they) deserves the value of your time and the power of your presence.


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