Take the ‘S’ off your chest!

The last topic on my weekly periscope broadcast, The Heart Exchange, was definitely worth writing about. I wanted to share it with those of you who couldn’t join me live or listen to the replay. The topic? You guessed it, “Take the ‘S’ Off of Your Chest!” Many of us deal with the super hero syndrome, where we are overwhelmed by our inability to say “No.” We are running from place to place and sometimes even relationship to relationship out of guilt and our desire to please people who couldn’t care less about our well-being. Our ‘S’ is encouraged by our need to feel wanted and validated. We will run ourselves ragged for someone to say, “She’s awesome!” or “Wow, she can really do that well!” The yearning to have a pat on the back will normally push us to do more even when we don’t necessarily want to. I want to point out something here, I used inclusive language like “we”, “us” and “our” because I am in this pool of people pleasing. Yes, the moment of vulnerability.

Let’s face it together, the likes, follows, repins and friend counts will have you begging for more ideas to keep them coming! You feel invincible, stronger than steel, like you can fly, kinda like…Supergirl! Can I tell you that the suit is only temporary? Even Superman had to go back to being Clark Kent. I believe because he wanted to stay in touch with his mortality. Could it be that our need for help is just as great as our need to help? Maybe because we’ve been told for so long to be strong, that we don’t give ourselves permission to have moments of weakness.

There are 3 things I will leave you to help you take the ‘S’ off your chest:

1. Slow Down: Listen to your body, listen to your life.
2. Say “No”: Everyone and everything doesn’t need you to make it work.
3. See and embrace your value: It is important to remember that you are invaluable where you are, as you are.

Take the ‘S’ off your chest so that your inability can become God’s ability to use you as He sees fit, not as others see fit!


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