It’s February. And while many of us hit our stride in the New Year, there comes a point where you can experience burn out.

The high hopes and ambitions of January 1 may start to feel out of reach.

Yet, as a visionary, a leader, a trailblazer, you can’t afford to slow down. The wrong week of downtime could equate to six months of lost momentum.




Here are a few ways you can put some POWER behind your new goals:

  1. Set bite sized goals.

Listen. Rome was NOT built in a day and neither are great corporations built over night. The beautiful things in life don’t happen overnight. They happen little by little. Brick by brick. Step by step.

Break down your goals into small, attainable chunks and track your progress.

Health entrepreneur and blogger, Kraig Becker said, “One of the biggest reasons people fail to stick with their resolutions is that they often set really big goals for themselves that are virtually impossible to reach. When they realize later just how difficult it will be to achieve those goals, they get overwhelmed with the daunting task ahead of them and often end up abandoning their efforts altogether.”

So, while it is great to create PUSH goals that will stretch you, the right amount of “push” mixed with the momentum success brings, can help expedite your progress.


  1. Check in on your progress regularly

Too many times do we write down our goals and never visit them again. We create our business strategy and then walk away, leaving behind all of the work, collaboration and mental labor we’ve contributed towards building something that matters.

Having the right metrics are critical to your confidence, your ability to move forward and your long-term success. If you are driving without a roadmap, how would you know where you were going? You need a clear vision of what success should look like.

Zip Recruiter said, “Instead of saying that you want to lose 20 pounds over the course of the year, work towards losing five pounds by the end of March. Doing this makes your entire resolution feel a little more attainable.”


  1. Don’t do it alone

You’ve heard the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work”! And it’s true. When you band together as a team, you can find the energy and accountability you need as a collective to keep your personal and business goals intact.

Get your team together, set goals and have everyone hold one another accountable. This can help your teams gain the speed and support needed to transcend past success and dig into something new.

An article in The New York Times said, “You may find online support groups and forums (on Facebook or not) full of people who are reaching for the same goal. But real life groups can help too. “

Apps like Slack, Asana and BaseCamp can provide the communications mechanisms your business needs to remain accountable.


  1. Celebrate! 

Celebrate your achievements. It can be so easy to focus on the next milestone when you accomplish a goal, but celebrating your goals trains your brain to drive any more towards future goals by providing a sort of mental payoff.

Motivate employees with an end-of-the-month party or special recognition when hitting an important goal. It only helps keep employees engaged and motivated to move forward to higher heights.

The Law of Expectation

If I sow, I reap. If I give, it will be given to me. If I knock, the door will be opened. These are all conditional statements that are used in our everyday lives as we work diligently to get out equal or more than we put in. It’s the law of expectation. Without prompting, l’ve grown accustomed to it. It wasn’t spoken of, it wasn’t intentionally or strategically taught, no one told me what was supposed to happen, I just expected it! So what happens when people don’t get the memo? What happens when the law is broken?


Some of us who have experienced the violation of this lawbreaker feel violated and quite disappointed. This disappointment carries over into areas of our lives where we begin to either lower our expectations or have none at all. Are expectations a bad thing? ABSOLUTELY NOT! What makes expectations challenging are when they are unspoken.


As I stated earlier, there were some things in my life that I just expected. Notice I said things, not people. You see, when we put expectations on people assuming that they should know what we need and how we need it, we lose every…single…time. This happens all the time in relationships. Lisa thought John should know what she likes, so when John comes in with flowers instead of an Edible Arrangement, the whole week shuts down! Are you guilty? Has this happened to you?


I sometimes get the question, “Do I need to repeat my expectations all time?” My answer, “As long as it takes the person to get it.” Expectations can be scary only when we shut ourselves down and are not open to hearing what is being said. Let’s be clear, expectations, especially in relationships, are for you, not the other person.


Has a relationship been damaged or bruised because of an unspoken expectation? If so, what can you do to communicate it effectively?





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The Mango Too Good to Stop Eating

My 8-year old daughter watched me on her tippy toes as I cut a mango we had just gotten. She was so excited to get it because it is one of her favorite fruits. After a while of eating it, her smile turned into a frown. I asked what was wrong and she said that it was good, but it was hurting her mouth. Now, I assume it was the amount of acid (although it’s low amount) in the fruit, so I told her to stop eating it for a minute. As I turned to do something else, I looked back and she was still eating it! I asked her why was she still eating the mango that she has just complained about, and she told me, “Because it’s sooo good!”


I couldn’t help but think of the things that we find it hard to separate ourselves from because at that moment, it seems “sooo good”. A person, a job, a diet, an attitude; all of these can bring us to such a place of satisfaction and comfort, that we don’t want to do anything different and it causes us to be stagnant. Everything that is good to us doesn’t mean that it is good for us.


The thing about my daughter’s experience is that she felt the sting. She felt that something wasn’t right, but her senses overrode that feeling and pursued the enjoyment that it brought for that moment. That can be a dangerous place to be in. When you feel the sting, pay attention to it and don’t allow fear to override the discomfort. Many of us are in the same headspace and position that we’ve been in for years, whether personally, spiritually or professionally, because “it’s sooo good”.


Whether your “sooo good” has hindered you from applying for that next level position or taking a financial risk to invest, don’t be driven by the taste of comfort, but be motivated by the sting of pursuit.



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Excellence Uncompromised

In today’s society, it is easy to become a mediocre person.  Sometimes there’s even ridicule when a person goes over and beyond what everyone around them is doing.  They are said to be “brown nosing” or “kissing up”. Let’s face it, it can be challenging to truly stand out and be different.  If you’re not going in the same direction everyone else is, you are considered more of an outcast than anything. Saying words like, “That’s good enough”, “It’ll do” and “Oh well, they’ll just have to accept this” can lead to a drastic mental shift. You start believing this in not only one situation but it becomes acceptable in others; it begins to overflow.


Today is the day I give you permission to be uncompromising.  I give you permission to stand when no one else is standing, to believe when no one else will, to fight when every one else has fallen back.  This is excellence uncompromised.  Everyone doesn’t have the strength or character to go against the grain.  Just as you have purposed in yourself to create a better and more productive life, so you will have if you don’t compromise.


When excellence is a part of who you are, there’s something inside of you that can’t seem to rest with mediocrity.  There’s something inside of you that becomes restless when you hear the words above; you just can’t seem to settle.  Excellence doesn’t operate in arrogant, full of “I told you so” language, but excellence has a presence in a quiet room. Excellence is molded and perfected behind closed doors and shows up prepared and is recognized in public.


It only takes one moment, one response, one answer and one action to change the game.  Are you willing to step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary?  Don’t be mediocre. Live in excellence…uncompromised.  Let everything you do and every area of your life be saturated in excellence and you will enjoy the fruit it produces!




Kashonna Holland is a Speaker, Life Coach and Writer. With contagious energy, a vibrant smile, and straightforward message, Kashonna passionately and purposefully journeys alongside women from the point of breaking through the process of breakthrough – personally, professionally, and spiritually.


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