It’s February. And while many of us hit our stride in the New Year, there comes a point where you can experience burn out.

The high hopes and ambitions of January 1 may start to feel out of reach.

Yet, as a visionary, a leader, a trailblazer, you can’t afford to slow down. The wrong week of downtime could equate to six months of lost momentum.




Here are a few ways you can put some POWER behind your new goals:

  1. Set bite sized goals.

Listen. Rome was NOT built in a day and neither are great corporations built over night. The beautiful things in life don’t happen overnight. They happen little by little. Brick by brick. Step by step.

Break down your goals into small, attainable chunks and track your progress.

Health entrepreneur and blogger, Kraig Becker said, “One of the biggest reasons people fail to stick with their resolutions is that they often set really big goals for themselves that are virtually impossible to reach. When they realize later just how difficult it will be to achieve those goals, they get overwhelmed with the daunting task ahead of them and often end up abandoning their efforts altogether.”

So, while it is great to create PUSH goals that will stretch you, the right amount of “push” mixed with the momentum success brings, can help expedite your progress.


  1. Check in on your progress regularly

Too many times do we write down our goals and never visit them again. We create our business strategy and then walk away, leaving behind all of the work, collaboration and mental labor we’ve contributed towards building something that matters.

Having the right metrics are critical to your confidence, your ability to move forward and your long-term success. If you are driving without a roadmap, how would you know where you were going? You need a clear vision of what success should look like.

Zip Recruiter said, “Instead of saying that you want to lose 20 pounds over the course of the year, work towards losing five pounds by the end of March. Doing this makes your entire resolution feel a little more attainable.”


  1. Don’t do it alone

You’ve heard the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work”! And it’s true. When you band together as a team, you can find the energy and accountability you need as a collective to keep your personal and business goals intact.

Get your team together, set goals and have everyone hold one another accountable. This can help your teams gain the speed and support needed to transcend past success and dig into something new.

An article in The New York Times said, “You may find online support groups and forums (on Facebook or not) full of people who are reaching for the same goal. But real life groups can help too. “

Apps like Slack, Asana and BaseCamp can provide the communications mechanisms your business needs to remain accountable.


  1. Celebrate! 

Celebrate your achievements. It can be so easy to focus on the next milestone when you accomplish a goal, but celebrating your goals trains your brain to drive any more towards future goals by providing a sort of mental payoff.

Motivate employees with an end-of-the-month party or special recognition when hitting an important goal. It only helps keep employees engaged and motivated to move forward to higher heights.

When Hope Seems to Be Distant

Oh the things unspoken regarding the cost of success. Whether it’s success in business, marriage, parenting, or a relationship, there’s a process that must be endured to receive the abundant overflow we so desperately desire. Sometimes going through circumstances and situations, we may feel like our hand is forced and our capacity to make good decisions is limited. Have you ever felt that God wanted you to do something…no, you were CERTAIN that He wanted you to do it, but things didn’t turn out the way you expected? As a matter of fact, they begin to spiral out of control…out of YOUR control. May I offer that when things spiral out of YOUR control, it’s normally an indication that God wants TOTAL control?


Read more

Enjoy the Walk, Enjoy the Journey

The big picture of life can sometimes distract us.  A picture that is vibrantly colored and offers options beyond anything we can ever imagine is enticing.  We want it all and now would be a great time to deliver it!  Understanding that the big picture is important, it’s even more important to understand that the steps to get you there are crucial.  Read more

Be Intentional About Your NOW

As the months are quickly passing, there’s a very real feeling that shifts us back into the mode of comfortability.  This is around the time when you start walking by your vision boards as if they aren’t there and when you start dismissing your goals because they seem out of reach.  I want to challenge you today to be intentional about your perseverance.  Be intentional about making the goals you have set before you a reality.  As much as our society dictates that we can have what we want when we want it, the truth is, it takes time.  There’s work involved to accomplish your goals, but half of the battle is your mindset. What do you need to do to ensure that your mindset stays aligned with goals?


  1. Look at it! Place your vision board and goals in an area where they can be seen EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Mine are on my closet door; I know I have to get into my closet to get clothes EVERYDAY, so there it is.
  2. Speak what you expect.  “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21 Most of us don’t accomplish what we want to accomplish because we’ve killed our dream with our words before it even had the chance to make it out of our mouths.  Watch your thoughts, they govern your mouth!
  3. Attend events that support your vision.  I cannot tell you how many opportunities there are for events, online, conference calls and webinars for you to get the support and development you need.  When you show up, it shows how serious you are about your next.
  4. Feed yourself.  If you want to be successful at anything, find books and podcast that will help you get there.  Absolutely nothing grows unless you feed it.  You are simply what you eat!
  5. Evaluate your position.  Every now and again you will need to step back and tweak.  Don’t be intimidated by that process!  Do what you need to do to ensure that you are moving.   Don’t allow stumbling blocks to stop your progress.  Keep it moving!


There is no doubt that life will happen.  What makes the difference is how you handle it.  Don’t allow circumstances to take you out.  Be intentional about your NOW because it will affect your later (future).




Kashonna Holland is a Speaker, Life Coach and Writer. With contagious energy, a vibrant smile, and straightforward message, Kashonna passionately and purposefully journeys alongside women from the point of breaking through the process of breakthrough – personally, professionally, and spiritually.


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5 Ways to Bring Your Business to a Networking Event

As business owners, we are always looking for great clients.  And whether you are aware of it or not (hopefully you are), great clients are always looking for great businesses.  It is important to always position yourself as prepared and ready to sell whatever it is you have to offer.  I’d like to provide 5 ways to assist in your preparation:


  1. Always be aware of your surroundings.  Never attend an event or function without having your A-game on.  You never know who you’re talking to, so don’t be a slouch.  Be sharp mentally and pay attention.  If the person you are speaking with doesn’t need your business, they know someone who does.
  2. Show Up. Whether you are attending a meeting, networking event or an information session, be sure to come with intention.  Someone in the room has never heard of you and it is your job to make sure they do.  Don’t become a part of the wallpaper.  Walk around, meet and greet, make sure your table is the table to sit at because you’re there!
  3. Look like you want to be there.  If you’re going to a business event, dress in business attire.  Against my better judgment, I recently was invited to an event where the person who invited me told me to dress down.  Well, my dress down is normally what others would consider dressing up, but that’s my personal standard. Anyway, because the person who invited me made it clear on a few occasions not to “dress up”, I didn’t.  When I got there, I knew I had made a mistake.  I felt underdressed and out of place.  Although there were others there that “dressed down”, I still felt that I should’ve gone with my first mind and my standard.  If it’s a business affair, LOOK LIKE YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS!
  4. Be kind to everyone.  Maybe the Administrative Assistant isn’t your ideal customer, but their boss is! It pays (literally) to be kind to everyone.  Your product/service can get around a room within minutes if your personality meets the right person.
  5. Be prepared.  If you are going to attend a networking event, make sure you know what you’re going to say if someone asks what you do.  Practice in the mirror, in your car, record yourself on the phone and then ask yourself, “Would I do business with me?”


Networking events can be very beneficial if properly prepared.  Taking time to do these 5 things can not only put you ahead of the game but also set you apart from your competition.  Get up and get going!



Kashonna Holland is a Speaker, Life Coach and Writer. With contagious energy, a vibrant smile, and straightforward message, Kashonna passionately and purposefully journeys alongside women from the point of breaking through the process of breakthrough – personally, professionally, and spiritually.


Click here to schedule your Fresh Perspective Life Coaching session with SK!


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5 Ways To Give Up On Your Vision

1. Listen to people who don’t have one.

You gotta love people who you invite to your pity party and they bring drinks!  If you continue to engage with people who don’t have anything, including vision, you may as well call it quits.  If people around me begin talking about a business idea, I jump into coaching mode and start to ask questions to push them to do it!  If you don’t have anyone that makes your “baby leap” when you share your idea, it is time to move on!


2. Don’t write anything down.

If you don’t write it down, it does not exist.  One of the worst things that can happen is you dream about something awesome or you’re somewhere and you get a ground breaking idea, and you don’t write it down.  Then you actually convince yourself that when you wake up, get home or after you do this one chore (which normally leads to 5,000), you’ll write it down.  Then what happens…YOU FORGET IT!!! Make it a habit to grab your journal, phone, iPad or  something and jot, jot, jot.  This is one way to keep your spirit open to new and creative ideas; show how much you appreciate the old and current ones. Read more

Buried Treasure

As I was cleaning out my jewelry box today (a dreaded chore on my ‘Must Do’ list), I realized that there was absolutely no reason I needed to even look at more jewelry.  I began to sort and go through all of the knots and tangles, seeing things I had forgotten all about.  I began to pull them apart realizing that I actually had more than I needed.  You see, I had to take time to do what I didn’t necessarily feel like doing so that I could see the treasure in what I already had. Read more

Make the Adjustment


When my youngest daughter began to grow up and out of clothes, I noticed that we were having a little problem; her waist was not growing with her legs, making it difficult for her pants to stay up without a belt.  Imagine a 3-4 year old having to finagle a belt when needing to use the potty…not!  Then, this amazing person created an elastic band that attaches to the waist of pants; it’s called an adjustable waist.  This invention was awesome! It allowed me to purchase jeans that were long enough, and would still provide a great fit for her waist.


While considering the function of the adjustable waist, I concluded that I must be willing to make adjustments in my own life, business, and relationships.  If we allow life to throw us so far off course that it destroys our plan(s) and purpose, we have not embraced the opportunity to become adjustable. More than that, we have missed an opportunity for growth. Everything may not fit the way you want it, but when you make a few adjustments, get rid of old habits, become more disciplined in your finances, make better decisions with the management of your time, you’ll see that it refocuses you. It will take you back to a process that will fit. Read more

The Importance of Passion

P Persistence

If you give up in the beginning stages, you will never know whether it could have really worked.  Allow it to fail, maybe even more than once, but NEVER give up! Shake off the “No” responses and keep preparing for the “Yes”.


A Activity

If you aren’t working your plan, your plan won’t work for you.  You may have to do things over and over again until you see results.  A body builder didn’t develop muscle because he/she went into the gym one time; their results required consistency. And even after they had consistency in the gym, there were other components, such as proper nutrition, that had to be implemented.  Get up and move! Read more