Success Comes with a Cost

Anyone who has had any level of success could probably tell you that there was a sacrifice that came along with it.  Although I love the thought of success, I must say that sacrifice makes me cringe.  It’s not the word or the act, but its not knowing what will be required of me.  What exactly will I need to do to walk in the promise and purpose for my life?


I meet many people who are like me; they definitely want to be successful, but when you start talking about the things they need to give up to get there, well, that’s another story.  In order to shift a mindset, making a drastic change in someone’s situation, there has to be total commitment and surrender.  The question always becomes, “How bad do you want it?”


Success looks different for everyone.  For some, it has nothing to do with money, and for others it has everything to do with it.  You have to know what your success looks like to be able to identify and celebrate it when it arrives.  If not, you’ll live your life chasing your tail feeling hopeless and empty because you never got to that place.  I’d like to suggest that you stop, breathe and reevaluate…often.  In doing so, you allow yourself to make necessary adjustments and you are able to see that the sacrifice was worth everything expended.


When people ask me what is my greatest fear, I tell them, “To leave this world with my assignment undone.”   With that being said, any sacrifice that I make to obtain what I see as success is worth EVERYTHING! My sacrifice goes beyond me; it’s my legacy.  Define your success, make the sacrifice and boldly live life abundantly!


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