Something has got to change! Heart Confessions From a Woman Who Was Drowning



There are so many women who, like me–as described in the video–are drowning. Maybe you took a step of faith believing something absolutely amazing was going to happen, but your faith turned into frustration and devastation. You feel defeated, like nothing is worth this much pain, but I challenge you to believe and press past the pain into your breakthrough.

Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed by life; the husband, the children, the job, the bills, the ministry and no one knows you’re drowning because you mask your suffocation with a smile and kindly say “Yes” to the next thing because you don’t want anyone to find out you’re on your last leg of strength and hope.
For some, the validation needed from others is killing you softly. For others, the expectations you’ve put on yourself is self-sabotage. It’s time to shift! Something has got to change and it starts with YOU!  Making tough decisions to step back and constantly assess where you are and what’s happening in your life is imperative.
I constantly have to pull myself out of the dungeon and remind myself that bite size pieces will still get the job done. That’s when I’m reminded to strategize by taking a few minutes away from everyone and everything, writing down what needs to be done and prioritizing that list. I understanding that although everyone may want me, today may not be their day; and I’m okay with that.
Get refocused and realigned and watch your life turn around and begin to work for you, not you for it!

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