IMG_0202-1Why do people need a Life Coach?

There are a variety of reasons why people pursue the services of a Life Coach. Some elect this service as they are evolving in different seasons of their life personally, spiritually and/or professionally. They seek clarity and direction. They’ve tried unsuccessfully to do it on their own for years and recognize that they need a strategy, a midwife, a dream pusher, or a vision actualizer. They need someone to see it from a different perspective and provide impartial feedback. They understand they have potential; they just need assistance extracting it.


How do I know if coaching is for me?

If you are in a place where your history is not your present but you don’t want your present to be your future, a Life Coach may be the piece to the puzzle for you.


What is different about the Life Coaching services that Simply Kashonna offer?

IMG_0115My approach is one of activation and support. I partner with my clients, providing an up close personal and confidential element to their sessions that bleed into every area of their lives. This is an investment in the developmental transformation of the whole person personally, spiritually and professionally.

The unconditional support you will receive from Simply Kashonna is incomparable. It is an opportunity for recognition and clarity of practical goals and achievements. This partnership is based on trust. You trust me to get you to your “Promise Land” and I trust you to do the work.



Simply Kashonna is purposed to bring women from a point of breaking through the process of breakthrough, personally, spiritually, and professionally. We are here to encourage women to embrace their second chance, with a fresh perspective.