Permission to Be

One Sunday after church I was conversing with a few ladies when one of the ladies looked at me and said, “You are superwoman.” I immediately went to a posture of receiving what she was saying as I knew that it was definitely a word from God.  She proceeded to tell me how I don’t have to change to become Clark Kent because whatever I’m in, I am still the same – Superwoman.  I told her that I would write this on my mirror in my bathroom to remind me on a daily basis… and I did.  I knew this was not something to pump up my head or make me feel more important than I am, but there was a message in this that I was determined to find.


A few days would follow and my oldest daughter runs in to my husband and I demanding that we hurry and come to our room.  She wouldn’t tell us what it was about, but we participated in her adventure.  We entered our room and she had written on all of our mirrors, “I AM Te’QUERYA.”  I was thinking, “this child has surely lost it!” Then my other children began writing on the mirror in the bathroom where my new declaration was, “I am a [collegiate] athlete”, “I am beautiful”, “I am an All-Star”…  Before I formed my words to fuss, I began to open my eyes and see what was happening.  I saw how my declaration gave everyone else permission to be.  In that small, but significant illustration, I had given our children the go-ahead to shine.


At times we find ourselves in situations that make us shrink back and not be the bold individuals we are created to be. When we do this, it neutralizes our effectiveness in the world.  Our purpose becomes dim and our goals shattered.  Are you refusing to become Superwoman because you are threatened by those around you?  You have the ability, you have the power, but you refuse to use it thinking someone else has it covered.  YOU are the one that we are waiting for!  If you want to help someone else shine, let it start with you!


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