You Have No Power Until You Use It!

Have you ever seen a super hero movie? They all start about the same; an ordinary person discovers extraordinary strength. Now, whether they are ready to exercise those powers and know when to exercise them becomes the challenge. It’s a pretty slow development at first – something happens that brings them to a point of frustration or a feeling of inadequacy, an anger button is pushed and BOOM, a discovery of the super power that will ultimately save the world! I often wonder how many buttons had to be pushed in my own life before I recognized and began to operate in my power.

The power always lied in them (you), it was just a matter of discovery. Then what? Discovery is only part of the process. What will you do with this newly found discovery? I believe there are some people who are reading this that may not even know what I’m talking about when I talk about power, so here are a few examples:

  • You have the power to determine how much you will grow in your life personally, professionally and spiritually
  • You have the power not to allow anyone to continue to take advantage of you in their words and/or actions
  • You have the power to determine what your children will experience in their trainable state
  • You have the power to control YOU! Not anyone else but YOU! No one else can control your actions, your attitude and your reactions/responses, they belong to YOU!

According to, power is the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. The power is yours, all you have to do is use it! If not, it becomes useless and you begin to make excuses and blame other people for what is ultimately your responsibility. Tap into who you are – unapologetically, undeniably and authentically – and watch your life begin to change, drastically!


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