Make the Adjustment


When my youngest daughter began to grow up and out of clothes, I noticed that we were having a little problem; her waist was not growing with her legs, making it difficult for her pants to stay up without a belt.  Imagine a 3-4 year old having to finagle a belt when needing to use the potty…not!  Then, this amazing person created an elastic band that attaches to the waist of pants; it’s called an adjustable waist.  This invention was awesome! It allowed me to purchase jeans that were long enough, and would still provide a great fit for her waist.


While considering the function of the adjustable waist, I concluded that I must be willing to make adjustments in my own life, business, and relationships.  If we allow life to throw us so far off course that it destroys our plan(s) and purpose, we have not embraced the opportunity to become adjustable. More than that, we have missed an opportunity for growth. Everything may not fit the way you want it, but when you make a few adjustments, get rid of old habits, become more disciplined in your finances, make better decisions with the management of your time, you’ll see that it refocuses you. It will take you back to a process that will fit.


When I put my daughter’s new pants on, they didn’t just automatically fit; I had to go from notch to notch to see what would work.  If you think that your great ideas will just fit right off the cuff, you’ll end up greatly disappointed.  They will need a little tweaking; something may need to be adjusted, or even deleted, but don’t get frustrated and quit.  Make the adjustments, accept the changes, and keep moving toward your goals and destination.


Change is inevitable…period. So why not just plan for it? Most of us don’t want to make the adjustment because of the fear that comes along with it. You feel that when something has to be adjusted, you have lost control and even compromised originality, but it is just the opposite.  Dispel fear; allow yourself to embrace wisdom and to live life…freely.


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