It’s Finally Here!!!

7 days cover

Whew! I cannot contain my excitement! God is soooo good and faithful! For me to see a book with my picture and name on it is an absolutely amazing accomplishment. My journey hasn’t been easy, but I have been and am determined to press through so that others may know that there is hope!

7 Days to Simply Shift: A Daily Guide to Transforming Your Mindset Personally, Professionally and Spiritually, is a book of my personal experiences, testimonies and revelations that I’ve captured into one place for one reason…to shift mindsets and perspectives. So many times we go through things and because we haven’t shifted, we stay there much longer than necessary. Well, “Simply Shift” has been designed as a tool to get you out of that rut and on a journey to breakthrough.

My prayer is that you will not only get this book for yourself, but for a love one, friend and/or coworker. Get it for someone you know who needs a fresh perspective, someone you know who needs breakthrough, someone you know who needs to shift. As you read it, open your heart, your mind and your spirit and use these next 7 Days to Simply Shift!!!

Click here to preorder your copy today! Join us on social media outlets by using #simplyshift for your thoughts and Ahas. Also, be sure to post your reviews on Amazon! Help us get the word out!

As the weeks go by, I’ll be releasing more media and an invitation to the book launch event, so be sure to stay connected!

Thank you so much for being my tribe and hearing my voice. My prayer is that you will always be made the better because of it!