The Heart Exchange – Sundays @ 7p EST

On Sunday night’s periscope broadcast, The Heart Exchange, I talked about The Fear Factor. I shared how we expend energy on thoughts of what could be without considering or knowing the facts (truth). Sometimes we allow another person’s bad experience(s) to influence our progress and kill our dreams before they even have a fighting chance. What if you made the decision to do it anyway? What if you decided not to stop but to press through everything that tried to hinder you? Fear comes with an agenda and that agenda is to stifle you and make you believe in it more than you believe in God.

Don’t allow what happened to you last time steal the possibilities and opportunities of this time. Your best is yet to come, so don’t allow fear to be a factor!

I invite you to join me this Sunday on periscope at 7pm EST, as we discuss The Faith Factor!

Let’s go!!!


Pink Hearts,