The Dread of Making Tough Decisions

There is something about difficult decisions that sometimes make us clam up. They can bring stress, self-doubt and fear. It’s the fear of making the wrong decision. What will everyone think if the decision I make puts me back instead of moving me forward? What if I fail my family? What if no one likes me in this new place?

Our hearts are so filled with “What ifs” that it paralyzes us from progression. It keeps us from the joys of experiencing abundance. It limits our ability to maximize the moment where the pursuit of destiny is at the starting line, ready to be launched. Take notice, most of the questions that we ask ourselves have nothing to do with our ability to handle the opportunities before us; instead, they have everything to do with what others may think about our ability to handle it. How much thought are you giving to what the people around you are thinking?

So, here’s my take on “What ifs”: What if you accept the job and it’s not a good fit? – find another one; what if you accept the offer on the home that was over the value? – lesson learned to do more research; What if you decide the move halfway across the country for another job wasn’t worth it? – come back home and find another job. You see there are always ways that situations can be handled, but because of our limited scope and sometimes the limited vision of those around us, we shrink back on the very thing God wants us to be BOLD in!

It’s time to change your “What Ifs” to “Why nots” and begin to move into your God given purpose and assignment! The life you desire is within arms reach! Live it with no regrets, understanding that every situation in your life is an experience to learn more about who you are, what you value and your ability to help the next person. Your life is the light that someone else needs for their path. And as you are making those crucial decisions, always remember, “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it.” (Proverbs 10:22)
When you make decisions with good intentions, pure motives and a God heart, you can’t go wrong!


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