My husband David and I had only been married less than a year, when God decided to test our faith. Well, I’m not sure how much Dave asked for the “pop quiz”, but this was the time to show that he trusted the God of his new bride. I remember like it was yesterday; I was at work sitting at my desk when I called him and said, “Babes, I believe God wants us to go to New York.” He answered with a very slow, slurred voice, “Ooookay. And why does God want us to go to New York?” My response was simple, “I’m not sure.” Needless to say, he was not ready to go on my faith ride. I decided to ask God to help me with him. So I called and made a deal, “Okay, if we find a deal to New York, we’ll go, if not, we won’t…how’s that?” He sighed and said, “Okay baby”. Our financial situation screamed that this was not the time for us to go out to eat, yet alone to another state 2,000 miles away. I searched fervently for airline tickets that were below the normal rates, and then it happened…the weekend “hot fare”…New Jersey special from Houston $79 one way! That was all I needed to prove that it was indeed the Lord that spoke to me and not me trying to think up a way to convince my husband to take a quick getaway. After he agreed, we were on our way to New Jersey, which was close enough for me to New York.


While we were at the airport, pretty excited that we actually made it there in enough time to sit and enjoy a nice lunch, we stood in line ready to eat and my husband begins to pat himself down frantically. I looked and asked afraid, “What’s wrong?” he said, “I left the money in my drawer!” I thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?!”, but I was too humbled by the fact that he chose to go with me on this faith ride, so I simply told him it was okay and that I had packed a few snacks in my purse.
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When I feel like I’m winning, but my husband feels like he’s losing…I take the “L”.

When someone’s challenging my faith and I know I could put it all in check and prove my point to be right…I take the “L”.

When people lie on me, talk bad about me and do their best to humiliate me, even when I know God has made me to be someone special…I take the “L”.

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