Creating a Culture of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often overlooked and overshadowed by Christmas.   I think every year the retail stores meet about how much earlier they can put Christmas lights and trees out.  It’s so bad that they’ve actually started Black FRIDAY on Thursday night.  Huh?  I absolutely LOVE Christmas, but Thanksgiving deserves to be looked at as an important holiday as well.  It’s a time for family, friends, and loved ones.  It’s a time to be intentional about reflecting on how grateful we are for all that we have, as well the things we have taken for granted.  It’s a time to be kind to others and take opportunities to love those that sometimes seem to be unlovable.  This is what Thanksgiving is all about.


This year as you get ready for Christmas, don’t stop giving thanks.  Don’t stop loving and being grateful for the things you already have.  Don’t stop being kind to those that are not the kindest to you.  Better yet, let’s create a culture of thanksgiving.  According to, here are the meanings for thanksgiving:

1. the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God.

2. an expression of thanks, especially to God.

3. a public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness.

4. a day set apart for giving thanks to God.


Be responsible for carrying out at least one, if not all of these meanings.  It’s important to note that all of these meanings give reverence to God, directly or indirectly.  We must understand that it is He who gives us all things in which to be grateful.  When you understand and embrace this meaning, the standard you set can change a generation, can heal a family, and can speak volumes to those who are lost.  Let’s work to make Thanksgiving not just a holiday, but a lifestyle.


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The Power of Being Present

Hi. My name is Kashonna Holland and I am a multi-tasker. Sometimes I think I really need to attend a group to get some help! Yes, I must confess that although multi-tasking seems like a wonderful thing and is often praised by many, it is not as glamorous as it seems. You see, multi-tasking can sometimes overflow into other parts of your life where it shouldn’t. For example, you’re having an important conversation with someone and you’re thinking, “Did I pick up the dry cleaning?” or “OMG! I forgot to take the chicken out of the oven!” It’s those distractive thoughts that stop us from being present and engaging in deep, relational conversation. When we make a decision that we’re going to be 100% here, we have then allowed ourselves to experience the beauty of true relationship.     Read more

Staying Open in the Midst of Shutdowns

As our country is facing one of the most challenging times of our history, it is important to understand as individuals, what we need to do to keep our momentum and not fall asleep.  When we have unfortunate situations such as a “shutdown”, we must see this as our opportunity to be and remain open.  There are a lot of things that can be distracting in this process, but having wisdom and discernment in the midst of turbulence, can cause one to continue to live life abundantly. Read more

The Responsibility of Being Different

Given where we are in social media and our culture today, I think it’s safe to say that there are two kinds of people in the world; those who are afraid of being different because it increases the likelihood of being noticed, and those that are boldly different because of the same.  Bringing attention to oneself can be a good or bad thing, all depending on the purpose.  Positive attention stimulates healthy consideration and dissecting of thoughts and ideas which has the potential to cause a change in perspective. A change in perspective inevitably leads to lifestyle change.  On the other hand, negative attention has the potential to leave one naked, embarrassed, and feeling like an outcast.  It is important that before we decide to showcase our uniqueness, we take a minute to think about the following questions:


Read more

Seasons Change, So Must We

As Fall is so beautifully approaching, I thought I’d take time to share some helpful hints that may help you embrace the new season of your life.  We can use the changing of the season to help propel you into your next. Read more

Take Time to Care

Sometimes I just don’t want to! Then, it takes me a minute…to breathe, and realize I have to.   You see the gifts that we’ve been given are oftentimes, well, all the time, not for us, but for the benefit of someone else.  This knowledge can do one of two things, encourage you to push or make you quit.  My prayer is that your answer is the first of the two.  As we see people experience life, it can be heartbreaking to watch as they slowly lose hope, thinking they are the only ones who have experienced that specific situation.  The thing that is even more heartbreaking is that 90-95% of the time, there’s someone who is standing nearby that has experienced the same thing, maybe even on a greater level.


I am convinced that when we stand together and become a culture that looks out for one another, we develop a system that is unbreakable.  I’m reminded of a story in the Old Testament of the Bible where a community of people came together and decided to speak one language and be on one accord.  They were able to obtain the impossible.  What if we, as a community, as a culture, as a country, made the decision to come together on one accord and become a force to be reckoned with?  What if there was no need for law enforcement due to the fact that a group of people had all things in common? Read more


(From a radio interview on Stilettos n Convos with Miss Lee)


My husband and I had such an awesome time interviewing on Stilettos n Convos with Miss Lee earlier this week that I thought I’d share a few continued points regarding transition.

Transition is one of those words that you either hate or embrace.  It can mean there’s something awesome on the other side of this obstacle or it can mean the opposite.  It’s all about perspective.  There are three types of transitions that I want to highlight:


  1. Forced Transitions [as mentioned on the show] – This is when something drastic happens (unexpected job loss, pregnancy, spouse leaves you). Forced transitions put you in a place that pressures you to make quick decisions.  This is probably the least comfortable transition, but it’s the most realistic and probable one.  It forces us to think reactively instead of proactively.  A way to deal with forced transition is to stop, breathe, and pray.  Making important decisions in the chaotic and distressed states can and will do more harm than good.  When you step away from it for a minute to center yourself, you have a clearer mind and can ensure that your response isn’t dictated by emotions.  It also strengthens your need and trust of the Holy Spirit. Read more


I remember when cell phones begin to be the #1 source of communication.  Every provider was determined to provide the best service and rates to whatever customer would sign their 2-year contract.  Then, it happened…UNLIMITED calls, texts and data plans!  It felt liberating to be able to talk to whomever, whenever we wanted to without counting the minutes, without cutting the calls short.  This new UNLIMITED plan would allow us to tread into new territory that was unfamiliar, yet refreshing.  It had no boundaries.


What if you lived a life that was UNLIMITED? What if you stepped out of the mindset of being locked in a  two-year contract and stepped into opportunities that were unlimited?


The one thing that stopped many customers from receiving this awesome new service was the cost.  An increase in cost could cause one not to pursue what was available to them.  You see, we can want abundance, freedom and a life of no boundaries, but it will cost us something.  Whether it’s money, time, or talent, there will be something that you will have to be willing to sacrifice to break the chains of limited thinking and living. Everyone wants more, but are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

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When I entertained the thought of skydiving, I wondered if I would really do it.  Up until the invitation came, it was merely an idea. Something that I would have loved to happen, but was unsure of the reality of it actually happening.  It was one thing for me to dream, but to actually position myself for it to happen was another level of anticipation.


When I arrived at the skydiving facility, there wasn’t much training, which led me to believe that I had to completely trust my instructor, Arnold (and the Lord)!  His training was extensive and he knew EXACTLY when it was time to jump from the plane.  He also knew precisely when to attach my harness to his and when to tighten all my straps.

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When Opportunity Knocks


I am guilty of wanting progress and success to happen rather quickly…like as soon as I ask for it.  As I get older and experience life more, I am thankful that it doesn’t quite work like that.  There are times when I sit back and realize that if I would’ve gotten “that” when I asked for it, I probably wouldn’t have it now because of my lack of experience and maturity to handle it.


When we ask for more of something, or even for a situation to change, we must be ready for it, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Have you ever prayed that someone (spouse, co-worker, boss, friend) would change, and then when they did, you began to question their motives? I am convinced that sometimes when opportunity knocks and prayers are answered, we don’t really know what to do with it.  We are caught off guard wondering whether we should answer it or just look at it through the peephole. Read more