New Year’s Resolutions…Or Not…

Happy New Year!


It has been an amazing year for some of us and a challenging one for others; yet and still we all have something to be grateful for.  As we begin preparing for the festivities that bring in the New Year, there are efforts and thought-provoking themes created to “wow” us and make us feel that THIS will be our best year ever! Although these ideas are great, and no doubt inspire us for the first couple of months, I come with a different take on it. Read more

The Reality of the Fragrance

We have two 16 (almost 17) year old, athletic boys who live for the game of football and track.  Of course, this comes with a price.  I went in their room the other day, and even more than normal, it was a mess! Clothes thrown everywhere, musty football socks, worn compression shorts and sweaty jerseys were scattered throughout the room. In my momma voice I demanded the room be cleaned immediately and windows open to let in fresh air!  One of my sons quickly responded, “Ma, just spray some air freshener and it’ll be alright!”  What?! With my face twisted and my pressure up, I responded, “You cannot put air freshener over funk and expect it to fix the problem!”  As I quickly exited the room to calm myself down, I realized that that is exactly what has been happening in our society…and the church.

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Set the Standard, Lead the Way

I remember growing up begging my mother for things that everyone else had.  Whether it was a hairstyle, the latest fashion, or privileges to do something or go somewhere, I wanted to experience what they had.  Without realizing it, and most likely without doing it purposely, a standard had been created for me.  This standard had been defined by people who were in my life, around me, or simply admired from afar.  There was an imprint in my head that this is the way it was supposed to be.


I can imagine that this is how this generation looks at the generations before it.  Standards are often set with little to no words said.  And often times, little to no relationship is needed.

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