(From a radio interview on Stilettos n Convos with Miss Lee)


My husband and I had such an awesome time interviewing on Stilettos n Convos with Miss Lee earlier this week that I thought I’d share a few continued points regarding transition.

Transition is one of those words that you either hate or embrace.  It can mean there’s something awesome on the other side of this obstacle or it can mean the opposite.  It’s all about perspective.  There are three types of transitions that I want to highlight:


  1. Forced Transitions [as mentioned on the show] – This is when something drastic happens (unexpected job loss, pregnancy, spouse leaves you). Forced transitions put you in a place that pressures you to make quick decisions.  This is probably the least comfortable transition, but it’s the most realistic and probable one.  It forces us to think reactively instead of proactively.  A way to deal with forced transition is to stop, breathe, and pray.  Making important decisions in the chaotic and distressed states can and will do more harm than good.  When you step away from it for a minute to center yourself, you have a clearer mind and can ensure that your response isn’t dictated by emotions.  It also strengthens your need and trust of the Holy Spirit. Read more


I remember when cell phones begin to be the #1 source of communication.  Every provider was determined to provide the best service and rates to whatever customer would sign their 2-year contract.  Then, it happened…UNLIMITED calls, texts and data plans!  It felt liberating to be able to talk to whomever, whenever we wanted to without counting the minutes, without cutting the calls short.  This new UNLIMITED plan would allow us to tread into new territory that was unfamiliar, yet refreshing.  It had no boundaries.


What if you lived a life that was UNLIMITED? What if you stepped out of the mindset of being locked in a  two-year contract and stepped into opportunities that were unlimited?


The one thing that stopped many customers from receiving this awesome new service was the cost.  An increase in cost could cause one not to pursue what was available to them.  You see, we can want abundance, freedom and a life of no boundaries, but it will cost us something.  Whether it’s money, time, or talent, there will be something that you will have to be willing to sacrifice to break the chains of limited thinking and living. Everyone wants more, but are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

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When I entertained the thought of skydiving, I wondered if I would really do it.  Up until the invitation came, it was merely an idea. Something that I would have loved to happen, but was unsure of the reality of it actually happening.  It was one thing for me to dream, but to actually position myself for it to happen was another level of anticipation.


When I arrived at the skydiving facility, there wasn’t much training, which led me to believe that I had to completely trust my instructor, Arnold (and the Lord)!  His training was extensive and he knew EXACTLY when it was time to jump from the plane.  He also knew precisely when to attach my harness to his and when to tighten all my straps.

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Do Something New!

It’s summertime!  The pools are open, the camps are full, and the teens are eating everything in the house!  After only two days of camp, my seven year old got in the car and said, “I don’t want to go to camp.” Although I asked why, I was past the point of caring since the payment had already been made.  She had only been there two days and made an assessment that she didn’t like something and wasn’t interested in even trying it.  I often wonder how many adults are like that, limiting themselves of the fun, excitement, and adventure made available to us.


I am not a fan of doing anything that would compromise morals or our legal system, but I am a fan of trying new things, going new places and meeting new people.  One of the things I encourage a lot of single people to do is to remove themselves from the sofa and find something to do. Unfortunately, most of today’s culture is stuck in front of the television with their eyes glued to reality TV, which is by no means, reality.  Read more

When Opportunity Knocks


I am guilty of wanting progress and success to happen rather quickly…like as soon as I ask for it.  As I get older and experience life more, I am thankful that it doesn’t quite work like that.  There are times when I sit back and realize that if I would’ve gotten “that” when I asked for it, I probably wouldn’t have it now because of my lack of experience and maturity to handle it.


When we ask for more of something, or even for a situation to change, we must be ready for it, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Have you ever prayed that someone (spouse, co-worker, boss, friend) would change, and then when they did, you began to question their motives? I am convinced that sometimes when opportunity knocks and prayers are answered, we don’t really know what to do with it.  We are caught off guard wondering whether we should answer it or just look at it through the peephole. Read more

The Importance of Passion

P Persistence

If you give up in the beginning stages, you will never know whether it could have really worked.  Allow it to fail, maybe even more than once, but NEVER give up! Shake off the “No” responses and keep preparing for the “Yes”.


A Activity

If you aren’t working your plan, your plan won’t work for you.  You may have to do things over and over again until you see results.  A body builder didn’t develop muscle because he/she went into the gym one time; their results required consistency. And even after they had consistency in the gym, there were other components, such as proper nutrition, that had to be implemented.  Get up and move! Read more

The Value of Rest

I heard a message last night by Pastor Stovall Weems called “Be Seated” that gave me a fresh perspective of the word rest. All my life, I thought the more I did, the harder I worked, the more successful I would become. The truth is, the more time I spent trying to be successful, the less time I had to spend with the One who has predestined my success.


Sometimes we can find ourselves working like it depends on us. We work until the wee hours of the morning with the “if I can just get this done, then…” mentality. We are challenged with the desire to compete with the rest of the world’s ideas to make ours bigger, better, and more innovative. Here’s an idea: what better advice to get than from the One who created the heavens and the earth? The Creator of the moon, the stars, the mountains, the hilltops, the animals (big and small), the grass, the trees, day and night! You can’t be more creative than that… ever! Read more

The Guts to Do It Again

Have you ever tried a business venture that didn’t work?  Or put a contract on something that fell through?  How about getting into another relationship, even after the one you got out of hurt like crazy?  These are all things that have tried our patience; and at every point, our faith.  They are things that sometimes people closest to you taunt you about because they “told you so”.


I want to take time to encourage you to find the guts to do it again!  Find the thing that you’ve been called to and regardless of where you are right now, do it again. When we step out on faith in any situation, it is difficult to plan where the next will come from.   Will the customers come back?  Will someone reorder?  What if I totally disappoint this person?  These are all likely ponderings, but they should not deter us from trying.   Read more