Is Your Life Starting to Tarnish?

I love costume jewelry! I really love the ones that cost a little more than the average. I enjoy pieces that make a statement. When I purchase these nice pieces, they normally come with instructions that mention how to care for the piece(s). They will tell you what can and cannot be near them because of the damage it may cause, depreciating the beauty of it. Now, I admit, I normally see that little piece of paper and throw it out with the rest of the packaging because I figure I already know whatever it says and I’m so excited to wear it that I don’t necessarily care at that moment.


After a while, I noticed that my favorite pieces—the ones I’ve spent a little more money than normal on—started to tarnish. Of course this is not something that I’m happy about, but I had to come to terms with the reason behind my disappointment. You see, I was so excited about the beauty of the jewelry that I disregarded the instructions to care for it. I was not aware that it could come in contact with things that had the potential of decreasing its value.


I often wonder how many things in my life have I been so excited about that I failed to read the instructions that came along with it. You know, the instructions that tell you how to care, love and maintain the value of something, or someone. Paying attention to instructions can also tell you what and who to stay away from, lest you become tarnished and lose your value.


It’s a hard lesson to learn. Taking time to value the instruction (The Word of God), in our lives, will keep us from the defects of tarnished relationships that we often have to discard because they are no longer useful. These instructions can also help us to hold on to that which is valuable and teach us to care and maintain it.






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I can’t wait for my next!

My 10-year old daughter—who’s presently in the 5th grade—is eager and ready to go to middle school. Being that we’ve been through this process 3 times before, needless to say, our level of excitement does not match hers. All of her eagerness about middle school [her next assignment] became a distraction in her current, 5th grade assignments. Her teacher called me saying that it seemed that Serenity had gotten off focus this quarter and asked what may have shifted. Well, I knew that she had been coming home for about a week or two saying she couldn’t wait to go to middle school and when I asked her what it was she thought she couldn’t wait for, she responded, “I’ll be able to chew gum in class” [insert ‘side eye’ emoji]


I immediately understood that she needed some clarity, so like any great mother would, I offered it. “Serenity”, I said, “You cannot get to middle school if you have not successfully completed 5th grade. You must finish well where you are before you can get to the next level.” As I gave her this startling revelation, I begin to internalize it. You see, sometimes we are so eager to get to the next to “chew gum” that we forsake where we are right now. I quickly understood that my next doesn’t determine my success, but it’s how I handle my now.


I have become a fan of the process. It’s something that many strongly dislike and wish to abort quickly, but it is designed to shape, mold and prune. It is created to get the worst out of you, so that the best of you can come to surface. It is a time that the mirror becomes an x-ray machine and dealing with the surface is no longer good enough, but there has to be an internal examination.


My prayer is that you don’t miss what’s going on in your now in attempts to get to your next. Greatness is not coming; wherever you are is where you will find greatness if you choose to seek after and embrace it!




You Have No Power Until You Use It!

Have you ever seen a super hero movie? They all start about the same; an ordinary person discovers extraordinary strength. Now, whether they are ready to exercise those powers and know when to exercise them becomes the challenge. It’s a pretty slow development at first – something happens that brings them to a point of frustration or a feeling of inadequacy, an anger button is pushed and BOOM, a discovery of the super power that will ultimately save the world! I often wonder how many buttons had to be pushed in my own life before I recognized and began to operate in my power.

The power always lied in them (you), it was just a matter of discovery. Then what? Discovery is only part of the process. What will you do with this newly found discovery? I believe there are some people who are reading this that may not even know what I’m talking about when I talk about power, so here are a few examples:

  • You have the power to determine how much you will grow in your life personally, professionally and spiritually
  • You have the power not to allow anyone to continue to take advantage of you in their words and/or actions
  • You have the power to determine what your children will experience in their trainable state
  • You have the power to control YOU! Not anyone else but YOU! No one else can control your actions, your attitude and your reactions/responses, they belong to YOU!

According to, power is the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. The power is yours, all you have to do is use it! If not, it becomes useless and you begin to make excuses and blame other people for what is ultimately your responsibility. Tap into who you are – unapologetically, undeniably and authentically – and watch your life begin to change, drastically!


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My baby almost died…

There is nothing like pregnancy.  To be able to conceive life in your womb is a miracle in itself; there is a whole person inside of you! To carry, to protect, and to nurture this gift becomes priority.   Eating and getting the proper amount of rest is now a part of your life whether you want it to be or not. As the baby begins to grow, it becomes evident that your life will no longer be the same.


This same excitement and process happened with my dream, my baby.  It was an amazing privilege to be able to carry something so precious; a God-given gift.  I understood that not everyone was able to experience this assignment, so I was careful to protect and nurture it as it grew.  


As my due date [time of birthing] approached, I started to experience some complications.  Negativity, doubt and fear began to compromise what was originally planned to be a healthy delivery.  I could feel the pain of my uterus contracting, ready to push, but I just could not get past those feelings that seemed to overwhelm me. The coaches, mentors and speakers all seemed muffled as they were telling me to “Push”; they were drowned out by my own thoughts of insecurity telling me that I wasn’t ready and that maybe I should just abort.  


My baby almost died; had I given in to the mockery, that was screaming I wasn’t good enough, it would have. Instead, I took a deep breath, made some hard decisions and decided to push.  The crazy thing was, when it was time to push, no one had to be there to tell me; I just knew it was time.  


Don’t let your baby die.  Don’t allow your dream to be killed, stolen or destroyed.  You were designed to not just carry the dream, but to deliver and enjoy the fruit of it! This is your God-given destiny and purpose. What will you do about it?


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The Dread of Making Tough Decisions

There is something about difficult decisions that sometimes make us clam up. They can bring stress, self-doubt and fear. It’s the fear of making the wrong decision. What will everyone think if the decision I make puts me back instead of moving me forward? What if I fail my family? What if no one likes me in this new place?

Our hearts are so filled with “What ifs” that it paralyzes us from progression. It keeps us from the joys of experiencing abundance. It limits our ability to maximize the moment where the pursuit of destiny is at the starting line, ready to be launched. Take notice, most of the questions that we ask ourselves have nothing to do with our ability to handle the opportunities before us; instead, they have everything to do with what others may think about our ability to handle it. How much thought are you giving to what the people around you are thinking?

So, here’s my take on “What ifs”: What if you accept the job and it’s not a good fit? – find another one; what if you accept the offer on the home that was over the value? – lesson learned to do more research; What if you decide the move halfway across the country for another job wasn’t worth it? – come back home and find another job. You see there are always ways that situations can be handled, but because of our limited scope and sometimes the limited vision of those around us, we shrink back on the very thing God wants us to be BOLD in!

It’s time to change your “What Ifs” to “Why nots” and begin to move into your God given purpose and assignment! The life you desire is within arms reach! Live it with no regrets, understanding that every situation in your life is an experience to learn more about who you are, what you value and your ability to help the next person. Your life is the light that someone else needs for their path. And as you are making those crucial decisions, always remember, “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it.” (Proverbs 10:22)
When you make decisions with good intentions, pure motives and a God heart, you can’t go wrong!


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Take the ‘S’ off your chest!

The last topic on my weekly periscope broadcast, The Heart Exchange, was definitely worth writing about. I wanted to share it with those of you who couldn’t join me live or listen to the replay. The topic? You guessed it, “Take the ‘S’ Off of Your Chest!” Many of us deal with the super hero syndrome, where we are overwhelmed by our inability to say “No.” We are running from place to place and sometimes even relationship to relationship out of guilt and our desire to please people who couldn’t care less about our well-being. Our ‘S’ is encouraged by our need to feel wanted and validated. We will run ourselves ragged for someone to say, “She’s awesome!” or “Wow, she can really do that well!” The yearning to have a pat on the back will normally push us to do more even when we don’t necessarily want to. I want to point out something here, I used inclusive language like “we”, “us” and “our” because I am in this pool of people pleasing. Yes, the moment of vulnerability.

Let’s face it together, the likes, follows, repins and friend counts will have you begging for more ideas to keep them coming! You feel invincible, stronger than steel, like you can fly, kinda like…Supergirl! Can I tell you that the suit is only temporary? Even Superman had to go back to being Clark Kent. I believe because he wanted to stay in touch with his mortality. Could it be that our need for help is just as great as our need to help? Maybe because we’ve been told for so long to be strong, that we don’t give ourselves permission to have moments of weakness.

There are 3 things I will leave you to help you take the ‘S’ off your chest:

1. Slow Down: Listen to your body, listen to your life.
2. Say “No”: Everyone and everything doesn’t need you to make it work.
3. See and embrace your value: It is important to remember that you are invaluable where you are, as you are.

Take the ‘S’ off your chest so that your inability can become God’s ability to use you as He sees fit, not as others see fit!


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The Heart Exchange – Sundays @ 7p EST

On Sunday night’s periscope broadcast, The Heart Exchange, I talked about The Fear Factor. I shared how we expend energy on thoughts of what could be without considering or knowing the facts (truth). Sometimes we allow another person’s bad experience(s) to influence our progress and kill our dreams before they even have a fighting chance. What if you made the decision to do it anyway? What if you decided not to stop but to press through everything that tried to hinder you? Fear comes with an agenda and that agenda is to stifle you and make you believe in it more than you believe in God.

Don’t allow what happened to you last time steal the possibilities and opportunities of this time. Your best is yet to come, so don’t allow fear to be a factor!

I invite you to join me this Sunday on periscope at 7pm EST, as we discuss The Faith Factor!

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Is There Such A Thing As Work-Life Balance?

In this world of quick and easy, fast and faster and wanting it right now, having work-life balance can be non-existent. Some of us think of work-life balance as 50/50, but it is a far cry from that. You’ll find times in your life where one thing requires more attention than the other.  It’s all about time and priority.  Sometimes being driven by your own unrealistic expectations can lead you to crash and burn.


Last Sunday on Girlfriend Chat with Kashonna, we discussed work-life balance and decided that we’d begin calling it work-life harmony, in an effort to move towards a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.  If you missed the opportunity to join us, check out the video below.



What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

Most times we find that self-care is not self-initiated. Something has to be triggered for us to realize that it’s time to take care of ourselves. We get sick and our bodies shut down, we go through tough situations (separation, divorce, sickness, death of someone close to us, etc.) before we realize that self-care is not optional, it’s necessary. Everyone’s self-care may look different, but understanding who you are and being in tune with your mind, body and spirit can bring harmony and balance to a chaotic life.


Last week on Cocoa with Kashonna, we discussed the importance of self-care and some things we can do to be intentional about taking care of our temple! If you missed the webinar, check it out here!




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When Hope Seems to Be Distant

Oh the things unspoken regarding the cost of success. Whether it’s success in business, marriage, parenting, or a relationship, there’s a process that must be endured to receive the abundant overflow we so desperately desire. Sometimes going through circumstances and situations, we may feel like our hand is forced and our capacity to make good decisions is limited. Have you ever felt that God wanted you to do something…no, you were CERTAIN that He wanted you to do it, but things didn’t turn out the way you expected? As a matter of fact, they begin to spiral out of control…out of YOUR control. May I offer that when things spiral out of YOUR control, it’s normally an indication that God wants TOTAL control?


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