I can’t wait for my next!

My 10-year old daughter—who’s presently in the 5th grade—is eager and ready to go to middle school. Being that we’ve been through this process 3 times before, needless to say, our level of excitement does not match hers. All of her eagerness about middle school [her next assignment] became a distraction in her current, 5th grade assignments. Her teacher called me saying that it seemed that Serenity had gotten off focus this quarter and asked what may have shifted. Well, I knew that she had been coming home for about a week or two saying she couldn’t wait to go to middle school and when I asked her what it was she thought she couldn’t wait for, she responded, “I’ll be able to chew gum in class” [insert ‘side eye’ emoji]


I immediately understood that she needed some clarity, so like any great mother would, I offered it. “Serenity”, I said, “You cannot get to middle school if you have not successfully completed 5th grade. You must finish well where you are before you can get to the next level.” As I gave her this startling revelation, I begin to internalize it. You see, sometimes we are so eager to get to the next to “chew gum” that we forsake where we are right now. I quickly understood that my next doesn’t determine my success, but it’s how I handle my now.


I have become a fan of the process. It’s something that many strongly dislike and wish to abort quickly, but it is designed to shape, mold and prune. It is created to get the worst out of you, so that the best of you can come to surface. It is a time that the mirror becomes an x-ray machine and dealing with the surface is no longer good enough, but there has to be an internal examination.


My prayer is that you don’t miss what’s going on in your now in attempts to get to your next. Greatness is not coming; wherever you are is where you will find greatness if you choose to seek after and embrace it!