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Is Your Life Starting to Tarnish?

I love costume jewelry! I really love the ones that cost a little more than the average. I enjoy pieces that make a statement. When I purchase these nice pieces, they normally come with instructions that mention how to care for the piece(s). They will tell you what can and cannot be near them because […]

I can’t wait for my next!

My 10-year old daughter—who’s presently in the 5th grade—is eager and ready to go to middle school. Being that we’ve been through this process 3 times before, needless to say, our level of excitement does not match hers. All of her eagerness about middle school [her next assignment] became a distraction in her current, 5th […]

Something has got to change! Heart Confessions From a Woman Who Was Drowning

    There are so many women who, like me–as described in the video–are drowning. Maybe you took a step of faith believing something absolutely amazing was going to happen, but your faith turned into frustration and devastation. You feel defeated, like nothing is worth this much pain, but I challenge you to believe and […]

You Have No Power Until You Use It!

Have you ever seen a super hero movie? They all start about the same; an ordinary person discovers extraordinary strength. Now, whether they are ready to exercise those powers and know when to exercise them becomes the challenge. It’s a pretty slow development at first – something happens that brings them to a point of […]

My baby almost died…

There is nothing like pregnancy.  To be able to conceive life in your womb is a miracle in itself; there is a whole person inside of you! To carry, to protect, and to nurture this gift becomes priority.   Eating and getting the proper amount of rest is now a part of your life whether you […]

The Situation Isn’t Getting Any Better!

  Have you ever felt like instead of a situation getting better, it’s getting progressively worse?  You’ve done all you can to ensure there are no casualties, that your position is understood and people know where you’re coming from; you’ve been cooperative and even compromised your standards just for the sake of peace. Can I […]

The Dread of Making Tough Decisions

There is something about difficult decisions that sometimes make us clam up. They can bring stress, self-doubt and fear. It’s the fear of making the wrong decision. What will everyone think if the decision I make puts me back instead of moving me forward? What if I fail my family? What if no one likes […]