Is Your Life Starting to Tarnish?

I love costume jewelry! I really love the ones that cost a little more than the average. I enjoy pieces that make a statement. When I purchase these nice pieces, they normally come with instructions that mention how to care for the piece(s). They will tell you what can and cannot be near them because of the damage it may cause, depreciating the beauty of it. Now, I admit, I normally see that little piece of paper and throw it out with the rest of the packaging because I figure I already know whatever it says and I’m so excited to wear it that I don’t necessarily care at that moment.


After a while, I noticed that my favorite pieces—the ones I’ve spent a little more money than normal on—started to tarnish. Of course this is not something that I’m happy about, but I had to come to terms with the reason behind my disappointment. You see, I was so excited about the beauty of the jewelry that I disregarded the instructions to care for it. I was not aware that it could come in contact with things that had the potential of decreasing its value.


I often wonder how many things in my life have I been so excited about that I failed to read the instructions that came along with it. You know, the instructions that tell you how to care, love and maintain the value of something, or someone. Paying attention to instructions can also tell you what and who to stay away from, lest you become tarnished and lose your value.


It’s a hard lesson to learn. Taking time to value the instruction (The Word of God), in our lives, will keep us from the defects of tarnished relationships that we often have to discard because they are no longer useful. These instructions can also help us to hold on to that which is valuable and teach us to care and maintain it.






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